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A litter is planned for 2018 from our beautiful Taghaada (pronounced Tarada).
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Breed Advice on buying a puppy.

A saluki is not for everyone, they are a free spirit and can be very spirited.  Like all dogs they need daily exercise.  To them a walk is like reading a daily newspaper for us.  They like to see the outside world to exercise their mind and, if possible, have the chance to run to exercise their body.   They require training from a young age through praise not harsh words.  It is better to encourage them to come to you rather than insist, salukis like to think they are doing something because they want to not because you want them to. They are a hunting dog and given the opportunity they will hunt most animals that wear a fur coat and even ones with feathered coats. Their hunting instinct can be quite strong and has the unfortunate affect of turning of their ability to hear you so it is advisable that you only allow them to free run in safe places away from roads and other hazards. They also need to be socialised, getting used to the sound of traffic, people walking past, other dogs, children etc.  It is all part of their training and done sympathetically you will be rewarded with a hound that is happy in these environments. They are not kennel dogs and need to be kept in the house with the family as part of the family.

All breeders want their new puppy owners to have a long and happy relationship with their saluki.  The breed is reasonably healthy although there are cases of heart problems and thyroid issues. You must ask the breeder about health issues in their line and ask if the parents or any close relations have suffered from similar illnesses (such as heart problems or thyroid issues).  Close relations are offspring of the parents from earlier litters, brothers, sisters and parents of the sire and dam as well as siblings of the sire and dam. One of the health problems at present is thyroid issues.  Please ask the breeder if the parents have been tested for thyroid levels, do not buy from a litter where one or both parents are "affected".   At the present time there is no DNA test for thyroid so breeders can only determine whether or not their saluki is an "affected".  It is imperative that you ask if any relation to the parents have been affected by thyroid issues.

The Kennel Club does not require the breed to have any health testing at the present time. Whilst some countries insist that dogs cannot be bred from unless they are heart tested, we do not have a scheme in place in the UK for this. There is no such thing as a Heart Certificate for a puppy as it is still growing and a heart test cannot be done on a dog until it is at least 3 years of age.  All vets will listen to a puppy's heart before innoculating it, it is not unusual for a murmur to be present at 8 weeks and gone at 10 weeks when the booster is due but no vet worth their salt will give you a certificate to say that the puppies heart is free of heart problems. Many heart problems do not manifest until adulthood.  As I have said, a heart test can only be done after 3 years of age.

If you visit a litter, the mother should be with her puppies.  When purchasing a puppy you should be given a week's food for your puppy along with Kennel Club registration and a certificate if the puppy has been microchipped or tattooed.  You should also be provided with a puppy pack and information on how to rear your puppy.  A good caring breeding will ask you to sign a Contract and you should have sight of this before you take your puppy away and also be made aware of any restrictions that have been placed on the KC registrations documents. It is not unusual for a breeder to opt for two restrictions, "not to be bred from" and "not for export".  These restrictions will remain in place unless they are lifted by the breeder.

I would also encourage you to join one of the breed clubs even if you are not particularly interested in showing, there are other activities such as lure coursing and informal gatherings.  Both breed clubs in the UK issue a Newsletter which helps you to keep in touch with the breed and the activities provided by the club concerned. 





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