About Terence Armstrong, the Founder


The Ruweis affix was first registered by my father Terence Armstrong.  His first two Salukis were not bred from. In 1977 a smooth parti colour saluki bitch imported from Saudi Arabia. Her registered name was Fatima Min Shaul Khala which (my father told me) roughly translated means Princess of The Great Out There. Her pet name was Bobby which was given to her by his Ethiopian maid in Saudi Arabia.

Bobby was released from quarantine June 1978.  My mother and father took her to meet Mrs Parkhouse, the President of The Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club and her niece Joan McLeish who was the Secretary of the Club. They both encouraged my parents to get Bobby registered and breed from her so that she could add new genes to the genepool.
Descendants of Bobby have proved to be excellent coursing hounds and several of today’s top hare coursing Salukis have Bobby in their pedigree, her genes can be found included in other people's breeding plans the world over.
Her descendants bred through the Ruweis Affix have remained true to the Arabian saluki type and have retained the true saluki instinct attained high achievements in the showring and, up until 2005 when hunting with dogs was banned in the UK in the field. They have now taken up the new sport of lure coursing and Ruweis salukis have champions at this sport in Finland, Germany and Canada. We are ever hopeful that the Kennel Club will recognise this sport in the UK and offer championship events in line with the rest of the world.


About Me, Karen Fisher


Glenn and I were married in 1977; our two children are now grown up and married and we now have several grandchildren.

Currently our lives are run by 5 Salukis. We enjoy showing at home in the UK and abroad in Europe - well I show the dogs and Glenn does the driving. We both really enjoy travelling and meeting new people.  We have friends all over the world. Glenn loves horse racing and we often attend race meetings during the summer months.

Hunting with my dogs has helped form my vision and understanding of the breed. Through watching and participating on the coursing field I learned what worked and what didn't and I re-visited the breed standard many times interpreting it quite differently from the 'show only' perspective. The breed is a continuance of the first imports into the UK, Arabian hunting dogs, it is not an improvement on them. Salukis should look the same as they always have, balanced and functional just as they can still be found today in their native lands. Size doesn't matter, the standard allows for a great variance but it is quite repetitive on one thing - moderation. I feel very fortunate to have enjoyed hunting with my Salukis, especially as it is now illegal to do so in the UK but this does not deter me from keeping in mind the key important features when breeding - moderation, balance and function. My father was always very passionate about the breed's functionality having experienced it first hand in the Middle East.

I am hoping that I will still be able to test the functionality of my breeding by testing them on the lure coursing field which I acknowledge is not a replacement for hunting but it's the closest thing we can do.

I took over the Ruweis affix in 1997 and awarded CC's for the first time in 1998. Since then I have judged in Sweden, Finland and the USAGermany and several times in the United Arab Emirates as well as at home in the UK. I don't have a preference for either smooth or feathered, I own and have bred both coat types. I also don't have a preference for size, I have 3 bitches that are very different from each other in style within the breed type and have bred from each of my bitches and have now incorporated the 3 bitc lines down to 2 breeding lines, one smooth and one feathered. My breeding criteria is to produce moderate, balanced and functional Salukis that are sound in body and mind. I take great care to ensure that my puppies are socialised and have plenty of things to occupy themselves with and freedom of space to enjoy playing with their siblings.


My main interests within the breed are with it's roots in the countries of origin, in particular in Arabia as this is where my Salukis come from. The more Salukis I see in their country of origin the more I am enthralled by them and I know Glenn feels the same way too. I feel very honoured that five puppies from my recent litters have gone to homes in the Middle East and that one of the dogs has been considered of sufficient quality to be used at stud by a local breeder whose Salukis are top drawer gazelle hunters.


Whilst visiting Qatar in October 2007 a competition was laid on especially for us so that we could see the breed doing what it did best - hunting gazelle. We are indebted to our hosts for making this possible, as we sped across the desert sands in pursuit of the Salukis and gazelle I could not help but reflect on my father's experiences of the breed some thirty plus years earlier in a place only a few hundred miles away.

Glenn and I returned to Qatar a couple of years later as guests to watch the final of The First Gulf Championships with salukis from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates competing. It was a truly amazing experience to be able to see and touch these beautiful atheletes and to speak with their owners and breeders.

As I mentioned above, I have also judged the breed in the UAE (eight times to date). Over the years it has been amazing to watch the breed flourish there. Just like the breeders in the west the COO breeders have suffered from the same ever diminishing opportunities to hunt with the breed and they have devised ways of testing the breed's endurance and stamina so that they can continue to breed true to type. I want to see more and know more about this wonderful breed!

I also have the honour of being a Vice President of the International Aseel Saluki Center for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The objects of the Center are to preserve and encourage local breeders to continue breeding the pure Arabian Saluki. In June 2015 I was a member of the Working Party who visited with various Ministries in the Kingdom so that this new exciting project could be started.




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