Smooth and Feathered Arabian Salukis

Breeding for Preservation



The Saluki is a dog of antiquity and can be traced back thousands of years. It is the hunting dog of the Bedouin and is still present in the Arabian States. Soldiers returning from postings in this area brought the Saluki to the United Kingdom and, in 1923, the first Club was formed for the breed, The Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club. The members main objective was and still is to maintain and preserve the breed in its original form. This objective is the mantra of Ruweis.

Yes, there are Ruweis salukis that are show champions, lure coursing champions and, in the past (pre-the ban on hunting with dogs) Ruweis have produced top hunting dogs but what is expected above all else of Ruweis owners is that they want a saluki to be a much loved member of their family.




The Ruweis affix was registered by my father, Terence Armstrong and is being continued by me, Karen Fisher





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